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About Us Dedicated Disinfection & Sanitization Services Company

Our company specializes in medical-grade disinfection cleaning & sanitization services for commercial, medical, and retail businesses in Toronto, using state-of-the-art ULV fogging. We offer Before & After ATP testing for pathogens, contaminants and bio-burden to ensure your workers are safe. We can tailor a (DMS) Disinfection Management Strategy with weekly/biweekly sanitization services.

A Division of Pesticon

A Division of Pesticon

The Sanitizers is a division of Pesticon Pest Control, which has been servicing businesses in the GTA for over 20 years. We are a specialized division offering some of the most sophisticated disinfection and medical-grade sanitization services for all types of companies and facilities that have high human contact.

Our disinfection approach involves vaporizing disinfectant through our high tech ULV fogging machines to coat surfaces with an even layer of disinfectant. We also utilize the ATP Test to measure contamination levels before and after sanitization and to allow our staff to identify and target highly contaminated areas.

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