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Disinfection Services Toronto

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Disinfection Services Toronto
Disinfection Services Toronto

Disinfection & Sanitization Services

How Well Are You Protected? Sanitization Testing Before & After ULV FOGGING

ATP testing is the only way to know for sure.

Many Toronto Disinfection & Sanitization companies are offering commercial cleaning and disinfection, but few are giving you a guarantee of the effective elimination of disease-causing pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Without testing the condition of the environment before and after the treatment, you cannot be sure the premises are disinfected. Don't waste money on half measures, get the best level of protection and treatment available, insist on ATP testing before and after cleaning services and disinfection services. Call us today for Disinfection Services Toronto.

Cleaning & Disinfection Services Quote

Cleaning & Disinfection Services Quote


Sanitization & Sterilization Services for your Toronto Business

Sanitization & Sterilization Services for your Toronto Business

ULV Disinfectant Fogging Kills 99.9% of Pathogens | Protect your Business Today!

Future Proofing

Peace of Mind Our top-of-the-line sophisticated testing devices provides you with peace of mind that your facility is safe for everyone.

This technique was once reserved for clean rooms, hospitals and food processing sectors but is now available for all commercial uses.

We are one of the only disinfection services that can measure the level of contamination at your business before and after disinfection. Conventionally, this level of testing was reserved for the healthcare industry to ensure the highest level of sanitization to protect patients and health care professionals.

Disinfection Management Strategy

DMS Our philosophy is to help businesses develop an ongoing Disinfection Management Strategy.

This is a term coined by us with a view to help businesses concretely demonstrate their commitment to the sanitization of their property. We can provide stand-alone and continuous (weekly/biweekly) disinfection services.

Contageon Protection

COVID-19 Disinfection Are you operational during COVID-19 lock down, or are your waiting to reopen your business?

Have you considered what you would do if you have a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case on your premises? Ensure that premises are safe for other workers once you reopen after cleaning and sterilization service.

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Top Reasons for ULV Fogging

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    More effective than other methods

    Wiping surfaces can spread virus-like contagions whereas leaving a layer of disinfectant ensures that all harmful germs are killed on the spot

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    Deeper Penetration

    The fog mist penetrates nooks and crannies to ensure possible contagion is killed

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    Wide Coverage Area

    Use of the fogger ensures that disinfectant is cast over a wide surface area

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    99.9% Pathogen Elimination

    Biocide eliminates pathogens on surfaces including ceilings, walls, furniture and floors

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    Dry Treatment

    Fogging is a dry treatment and best around electrical devices

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    Frequent Use

    Can be done quickly and often

  • disinfection-services-toronto-07-01

    Furniture Stays Put

    No need to move furniture or equipment

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    Save Time

    Rapid and efficient, saves you time

Cost Calculator Get a cost estimate and book a disinfection service call

Cost Calculator Get a cost estimate and book a disinfection service call

Cost Calculator

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Show your customers that your business takes disinfection seriously theSanitizers provide you with all the necessary items to show your customers, patients, and staff that you take the sanitization of your business very seriously.

You can proudly display our certificate that is time/date stamped after every visit and shows you before and after ATP scores.
We also provide certification decals to be placed on store or office windows or doors. These decals will show your customers/patients that your business takes their safety very seriously and that they can enter your premises knowing it has been disinfected and has passed sanitization ATP testing.

What makes the sanitizers your best option for disinfecting your business? Guranteed Disinfection | 20+ Years in Field Services | Hospital Grade Disinfection | Natural & Safe | Rapid Repsonse

What is ATP and the ATP Test? Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is considered to be a basic molecule of energy found in the cells of all living creatures including humans, animals, plants, fungi and mould. Large amounts of ATP are found in bacteria living on surfaces that have not been sterilized (bioburden). Microbial pollution (presence of contagions) also contains ATP. The ATP Test allows us to measure bioburden and ATP. We are one of the only disinfection services that use this test to measure the level of contamination at your business before and after disinfection. Once we complete disinfecting your premises, then the presence of ATP is significantly reduced and the surface is safe for humans.